Toast doodle

Hello everyone, I hope your day has been good so far. Is it the easter holidays for you too? I’m so excited that it’s properly spring! 😆 Today we’re going to draw some ~ t o a s t ~ (No. 53) which was another suggestion by my friend Prudence. I hope this is what she had in mind! I’ve also included a little video at the bottom of this post to show you how you can use different materials, so please check that out 😉

  1. Draw three sides of a rectangle (don’t forget to make the corners rounded!)
  2. Close the rectangle with a slightly wavy/bumpy line (if you’re confused go grab a slice of toast to copy!)
  3. I made a mistake on the tutorial picture (oops) so ignore that. Just add 3 diagonal lines at the corners.
  4. Then join them up 😉
  5. And our cute face of course. I encourage you to try out different expressions!
  6. I used pencils this time for the colouring in, but if you want to try different mediums just watch the vid below…

Why not… type ‘toast puns’ or ‘bread puns’ into google and illustrate your own little quote card? I decided to do ‘A Toast to Butter Days’.

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Doodles, cute stuff, stationary, I love it all! :D

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