Tape doodle

Hello! How are you? I hope you’ve been doing some doodles ;D Welcome to No. 52! I’m so glad we’ve made it this far, and I hope my blog keeps growing. Remember to share it with friends and family, so we can add to our creative community!

  1. Draw three circles, each a little smaller than the last.
  2. Add two curvy lines on the left of your circles.
  3. To create a jagged, ripped edge, draw a zig-zag line.
  4. I did “n” shaped eyes.
  5. And a triangle mouth!
  6. Don’t forget to add a pattern to your tape! I did spots, but if you want more ideas, have a look at the challenge.
  7. Lastly, colour in your doodle. 😀

Why not… change the pattern on your tape doodle? This can be really fun and has loads of possibilities!

Why not also… try incorporating one of our previous doodles in your pattern? Can you see which doodle I’ve tried to include here?

Published by Lily

Doodles, cute stuff, stationary, I love it all! :D

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