Lemon doodle

Hi doodlers :] Today we’re going to doodle a lemon! I hope you enjoy this post, and don’t forget to check out the challenge! I’ve added an extra little video for you 😉

Updates: Coming soon… Winter Doodles Video and Hot Choc Doodle!

  1. Start with a pinched oval shape. It’s a little tricky to get perfect, so don’t worry if it looks wonky! Use a pencil to begin with so you can make adjustments.
  2. Add some little dots around the top of the lemon.
  3. For each eye, draw a circle with two smaller ones inside it.
  4. Colour in the area around the little circles.
  5. Draw a little smile!
  6. One of the leaves peeks out from behind the other. >_•
  7. And you’re done! Make adjustments with your rubber if you need to, and add some colour.

Why not… make yourself or your friend a lemon quote poster? It will keep them positive and look great on their wall! Have a look at the video below for some ideas.

Why not… also create a cute mini comic? Add different expressions to your lemon’s face, and use his leaves to show how he is feeling. If he is sad, his leaves will droop on the floor.

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Doodles, cute stuff, stationary, I love it all! :D

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