Balloon doodle

Hi guys 😀 welcome back! Thank you for all the doodles you have been sending in recently. I really love seeing them all and if you check out the Readers’ Gallery you’ll see I’ve updated it! There are loads more drawings from you on there.

Today we’re gonna draw a cute balloon – really useful for birthday cards and special occasions! For the last few weeks I’ve kinda lost track of what number doodle we’re on, but the balloon will actually be No. 50. This can also serve as a 50th doodle anniversary post I guess, so to celebrate I’d like you to let me know your three favourite doodles so far! And of course send in your ballon drawings and I’ll make a special collage of all your doodles… ;D

P.S. Thank you to Prudence for suggesting this doodle 😀

Published by Lily

Doodles, cute stuff, stationary, I love it all! :D

8 thoughts on “Balloon doodle

  1. Hi! The balloon is really cute! My three favourite doodles are:

    – Fab Fox Doodle
    – Candle doodle
    – Jellyfish doodle

    It was really hard to choose. They’re all so great! What are yours?


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