Valentine’s heart doodle

Haha I know it’s a bit late now for this, but I’m back with a valentine’s heart doodle! I actually doodle this heart a lot, but today I decided to switch up the colours to suit the occasion. Get out every pink pen you can find, and let’s get doodling.

  1. Everyone knows how to draw a heart, right?! Start out with a big one, so there’s space to add in the details.
  2. Make the cloud nice and fluffy.
  3. Using four curved lines, add a rainbow to your heart.
  4. And colour in! I just grabbed a bunch of pinks, to go with the valentine’s theme, but if it’s any other time of year you can try different colours. ;D

This doodle would be great for marking valentine’s day in your planner, or for decorating the front of a valentine’s card!

Bye bye! See you next time for a fab fox doodle…

Published by Lily

Doodles, cute stuff, stationary, I love it all! :D

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