Is what I said today on the way to science.

When I fell




I don’t know how it happened, but it was probably because I was carrying SO much stuff. I must’ve tripped over my coat. Or my scarf. Or my bag of books. Or just my own feet.

It was pretty scary, actually. I was afraid that I was going to go tumbling down nine flights of stairs to the first floor, which would be bad, obviously. Then again, I would get to miss science. 🤔

And as if falling wasn’t embarrassing enough, I just had to go and crash into Isabelle and Sophie. That was awful. This is what I said.


and then


Because if you laugh it’s less awkward.

They were pretty nice, though.

“Are you alright?” Isabelle asked. “Did you fall far?”

“Lucky you had Isabelle there to stop you!” Said Sophie. “Ha ha!”*


Then we all went to science and learnt about how Ignaz Semmelweis helped introduce chlorine hand wash to prevent the spread of pathogens. That was interesting, actually.

Here’s the video we watched, in case you’re interested:

*My laugh sounded very weird and wobbly and fake and probably make the conversation even more awkward. Sophie actually laughed.

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