Doodles are everywhere

Hey guys, today I wanted to show you a little series of photos I’ve collected. I’d noticed that around where I live there are lots of little pictures and bits of decoration, so I decided to take some photos and share them on my blog. Hope you like them!

Can you see the face on this fried egg? It looks very angry to me!

I found these doodles on the fence in my front garden. The eyes are made of nails! I like the smiling one especially!

This was on the window of a shop near my house, and the face was being used as a letter ‘o’. This is one of my favourites, because it’s so simple and cute!

This face was on the bottom of a shoe, which I thought was really cool. Why not check the heels of your shoes too, just in case there’s a smiley face waiting? If you find anything, don’t forget to send it in!

Do you recognise this? It looks very like my snail doodle! What a coincidence! I found it on the pavement near my local park.

This one, I think, looks like a cute little robot face! It was on the back of a picture frame, weirdly.

Me and my sister made these when we visited our grandparents. It was really fun! Why not try making your own food face doodle?

Here’s another food doodle for you – my baby sister made this accidentally. She was messing around with her dinner, and then suddenly it transformed into a face! I managed to get a quick snap of it before she gobbled it all up.

I found this while waiting for the bus with my dad and sister. Someone had painted a face onto the bus times! It a a little inconvenient…

Spaghetti hoop faces! These are so cute, especially the one on the left. That one was actually sent to me by a friend when she heard I was collecting everyday doodles.

I LOVE these graffiti eggs! I saw them and knew I had to include them in this post. My favourite is the smallest one on the left. How about you?

These whales were actually on a laptop, (so you can see my phone reflected in the screen!). I love their expressions 😍 !

The face on this one is hard to see, but if you look carefully you’ll see that the two dots are the eyes.

This is the last doodle that I found. Well, I found the piece of lettuce and thought it looked a bit like hair, so popped it on my finger and drew a smiley face!

Bye everyone! I’ll let you know if I find any more doodles…ss

P.S. Don’t forget to send in any of your own everyday doodles!

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