Sunglasses doodle again!

Hello everyone! This post is just an extra Clothes Project reminder, like yesterday. Remember our sunhat doodle? It was No. 19. Back then it was in the Travel Project, but if you want to create a whole page of clothes doodles, why not add this one as well?

  1. Draw two large hearts for the lenses of the sunglasses.
  2. Use two curved lines to join them up.
  3. Next, use your pen to go around the inside of each heart, so that the lenses have a border.
  4. From the hearts, draw two pairs of parallel lines, about 2.5cm long -they should be diagonal.
  5. To make the sunglasses sparkle, let’s add a few little diamonds on either side. it doesn’t particularly matter how many you do, but five should be about enough.
  6. Finally, draw the bits that hook over your ears – they curve so that the glasses won’t slip off. Have a look at the picture above to see how I draw them.
  7. Get out black, blood red and sunny yellow pens to colour in this doodle.

Why not… change the shape of the lenses? How about a star, or a circle? Or even a flower?

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