Sunhat doodle again!

Hi doodlers! This post is just an extra Clothes Project reminder. Remember our sunhat doodle? It was No. 16. Back then it was in the Travel Project, but if you want to create a whole page of clothes doodles, why not add this one as well?

  1. Draw a large dome to begin – this is the main part of the hat.
  2. Next, using your pencil, sketch a slightly curved ribbon going from one side of the dome to the other. You can do this by using two parallel lines. We have to use a pencil because there is going to be a big pink flower on top of the ribbon.
  3. Draw a circle about as big as the rubber on the end of a pencil for the centre of the flower. Use a black pen to do this.
  4. To finish the flower, draw five big petals around the circle.
  5. Draw the brim of the sunhat by adding a big, swooping line from one side of the dome, all the way round to the other. It should look a bit like a bean shape with the top missing. Don’t forget to check on the picture that you’ve got it right!
  6. Step number six is to add a face, and outline the ribbon in black. The face I used is a bean-shaped mouth and two dotted eyes.
  7. Light brown, dark pink, sunny yellow and navy blue were used in this doodle.

Why not… add lots more colourful flowers? In the picture below, I made each set of flowers similar colours, but you could have a rainbow-y sunhat if you want!

Don’t forget to add this drawing to your page of travel doodles!

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