Skort doodle

Do you know what a skort is? If you don’t you’re really missing out! They are a mix between shorts and a skirt, and can come in very handy, for sport especially. Welcome to doodle No. 45!

  1. Nice and simple. Start off your doodle with a straight line.
  2. Add two diagonal lines to create a volcano shape on your page.
  3. Draw another diagonal line about a third of the way along the first line. It should be very slightly longer than the others.
  4. There’s a small button on this skort, so draw a dot below the waistband.
  5. Join up the middle line to the end one.
  6. Finish off your Skort Doodle with one last line – check your drawing with the picture!
  7. Now use these colours to colour in:
    • Pale pink
    • Coral
    • Rose petal

Why not… choose a different set of colours for the checks on the skort? How about three greens, instead of three pinks?

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