Skirt doodle

Are you enjoying the Clothing Project? I am certainly having fun creating the doodles for you! Today is No. 44. I wonder what will be our fiftieth doodle? I’ll try and make it extra special to celebrate – perhaps a trophy or a medal. Anyway, remember to send me photos when you finish the Skirt Doodle.

  1. Draw two curved lines, sort of like a pair of smiles.
  2. Join up the ends to make a bent rectangle.
  3. From the two edges of the waistband, draw the sides of the skirt.
  4. Add a zig-zag edge to create a pleated affect.
  5. From the tip of each zig-zag, draw a line to the top of the skirt.
  6. Add more pleats in between these.
  7. Now colour in with…
    • Scarlet

Why not… draw a little buckle in the middle of the waistband? You could add a belt, too, for extra decoration.

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