Scarf doodle

I have a fabulous collection of scarves that I love to wear in winter! I have a blue one with rainbow stripes and tassels on the ends, and a white one with spots and colourful shapes on, but my all-time-favourite is a beautiful purple one knitted by a friend. Do you have a favourite scarf? Well you can have plenty of fun designing one with this doodle – No. 43.

  1. First, draw two wavy lines. It doesn’t matter what shape they make exactly, but just keep them parallel!
  2. Join up the ends of these lines and add a few tassels for decoration.
  3. Draw lots of lovely stripes on the scarf.
  4. Add some eyes!
  5. Draw your smile between two stripes if you can.
  6. To finish, draw some eyebrows above the eyes.
  7. And you’re done! But don’t forget to use these colours for colouring in:
    • Lilac
    • Violet

Why not… draw a wonderful array of Hogwarts scarfs? I’ve done one for each house.

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