Boots doodle

Welcome back everyone! Today, we’re going to be drawing doodle No. 42, which is a fabulous pair of pink boots. Have fun!

  1. Start with a smile! Draw a bean shape with a few lines for teeth.
  2. Left of the smile, draw two parallel vertical lines. The should have an eye between them halfway down.
  3. At the top of the two parallel lines, draw four Vs: one big and three small. The small ones are for decoration, but they can sometimes look like angry eyebrows if you’re not careful, so watch out!
  4. Like on our Socks Doodle yesterday, add on the toe of the boot.
  5. Draw a small three-sided rectangle for the heel.
  6. Double it! Draw another boot on the other side of the smile. It should be identical, except flipped the other way round.
  7. Colour in with
    • Coral
    • River blue

See you next time!


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