Socks doodle

Hi doodlers! Sorry I haven’t posted many doodles this last week. I have just gone back to school and so I keep getting busier and busier! Today, though, we’re back with another Clothing Project doodle – socks. It’s No. 41, and the fourth of our current doodle project.

  1. First, draw a three-sided rectangle.
  2. Then add a sausage-y shape at the bottom of the rectangle for the toes of the sock.
  3. At the heel, draw a dome shape.
  4. Draw another one of these at the toes.
  5. Decorate! Stripes usually look best, but feel free to explore your options.
  6. Add another sock next to the first, exactly the same but mirrored so the toe is pointing left, not right.
  7. Use these colours to colour in:
    • Scarlet
    • Sunny yellow

Make sure the heels and toes are yellow, not red.

More doodles very soon!


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