Wellington doodle

Are you someone who likes to splash about in puddles? I am, as long as I’m not wearing any special clothes! This cute yellow welly would be a perfect symbol for the start of autumn – why not doodle it at the top of all the autumn days in your diary or planner? This is doodle No. 41.

  1. Draw an L shape to start off this doodle.
  2. Add a backwards ꟻ next to the L, as I’ve done in the picture.
  3. Then, draw a big bump starting at the bottom of the ꟻ and ending at the bottom of the L.
  4. Draw a jaggedy sole at the base of your Wellington Doodle.
  5. Now we need to give the welly a simple face,
  6. and some rosy cheeks! Use three small lines on each side of the mouth.
  7. Use these colours to brighten up your doodle:
    • Lemon yellow
    • Dark pink

Why not… grow something in your welly? I doodled a few pretty flowers and vines, but you could use my Flora Doodle or my Cacti Doodle for inspiration.


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