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Morning everybody! This is doodle No. 40, our second Clothing Doodle. It’s another Bonus Doodle. You’ll have to expect a lot of these in future, as my doodles keep getting more complex! Jeans are a really really great thing to draw if you feel in a creative mood, because they can be adjusted and personalised to suit your personality. I hope you enjoy this reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it!

  1. Draw three sides of a long rectangle.
  2. Draw the last side with a gap in the middle.
  3. Add the legs of the jeans, by drawing a very long, thin, upside down V.
  4. From the top of the V to the top edge of the jeans, sketch a line with a pen.
  5. Draw a curved line off this other line.
  6. Inside the curved line, draw a small-ish circle.
  7. Now for the pockets on the jeans!
  8. These jeans are old and worn and super-comfy, so there are a few patches on it. Draw one large on on the left hand side…
  9. …and a smaller one on the right. Like I’ve done in the picture, add some diagonal lines on one knee to show that the jeans have gotten a little bit mucky!
  10. Add a few more going the other way if you like.
  11. Draw stripes (quite thin ones) on the big patch.
  12. And some polka dots on the small one.
  13. Use these colours for colouring in:
    • Royal blue
    • Sunny yellow
    • Pale pink

Why not… get creative and invent more types of jeans? Below are some of my favourite designs to draw.

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