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Good morning! This is the first doodle of our Clothing Project. If you haven’t read yesterday’s post, pop over to the All Posts page and have a look. Ok, let’s get started. This is doodle No. 39, a nice lemon-yellow dress. It is also a Bonus doodle, which is exciting!

  1. Draw an upside down V shape.
  2. At the tip, draw a backwards C to finish the hanger.
  3. Stop! The hanger is hard to get exactly right, so check quickly with the picture above to adjust the proportions.
  4. Join up the two ends of the V shape with a curved line.
  5. Draw the collar using two even curvier lines.
  6. From the two sides of the collar, draw sleeves using two more curved lines, as in the picture.
  7. Now for the main part of the dress. I made the sides straight, but if you want they can be slightly wavy.
  8. Join up the ends of the sleeves to the main part of the dress. To show a hem on the sleeves, use two lines instead of one.
  9. Step nine! Wow! Let’s join the end of our Dress Doodle with two long lines.
  10. Remember the pug doodle? We’re going to use some upside down U shapes again for the eyes.
  11. Add some eyelashes on these U’s.
  12. Lastly, draw a half-moon smile below the eyes.
  13. And colour in! Get these colours ready:
    • Rose petal
    • Lemon yellow

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