Clothes project

Hello doodlers! I’m really happy to announce another doodle project! I hope you enjoyed the travel one, but this one it totally different: starting from tomorrow, we are going to be doing a Clothes Project. I hope to see you there, everyone!

Get ready to see a lot more bonus doodles – those of you who are reading all my posts and doing the doodles are very likely ready to progress onto more complex drawings, but if you aren’t so enthusiastic, or have only just started reading my blog, then I would recommend practising previous doodles until you feel confident. Remember to check for any posts you’ve missed out – and as always, send me pics of your doodles! I love to see how you’re getting on, and besides it’s always good to have more additions to the Reader’s Gallery.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow, and I hope you’ll be following along with my posts. Look out for the first doodle of the Clothing Project!

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