Bee-utiful doodle

Are you a fan of buzzy bees? I get nervous whenever one flies near me, but really they are very important to flowers and trees, and wouldn’t sting you unless they get really scared or angry. Have a go at drawing one using my instructions. This is doodle No. 38!

  1. Just the same as our little pug, start off with a bean shape!
  2. Then add two antennae with dots at the top.
  3. On the left hand side of the bee’s body, draw two round curves, one behind the other.
  4. Draw a cute face at the top of the bean – a small smile and big eyes.
  5. Using a black pen, draw six or seven lines across the bean’s bottom half -stripes. We’ll add the yellow in later!
  6. Remember to draw a dotted trail to show that your Bee-utiful Doodle is flying!
  7. Use these pens to add some colour.
    • River blue
    • Sunny yellow

Why not… try your bee in a different position?

Next doodle on Monday morning! See you then!

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