Pencil doodle

Hi doodlers, I’m back again for No. 37! I really hope you enjoy the Pencil Doodle, as it is really easy and I use it a lot when I doodle. Plus, it is a great school-themed doodle, as most of you will be going back soon!

  1. Firstly, draw a long rectangle with a scalloped edge.
  2. Next, add two short, horizontal lines at the top of this shape, and then two longer vertical ones going all the way down.
  3. Like a small mountain, draw a curve below the scalloped edge. Don’t forget to check your drawing with the picture!
  4. At the tip of the mountain, draw a little curve to show the bit of the pencil you write with. Then fill it in.
  5. Remember the two horizontal lines you drew? Above them, add a small, three-sided rectangle with very rounded corners. This will be the rubber.
  6. Don’t forget to add a cute face on the rubber! Use the basic dotted eyes and U-shape mouth.
  7. Remember to use these colours for filling in!
    • Lilac
    • Sunny yellow
    • Coral

Why not… draw the picture or words your pencil is sketching? For the example below, I drew a heart.

Next post on Friday!

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