✮Candle doodle✮

Did you enjoy the first bonus doodle? It was a cute ice cream! Well today, I have another bonus – this time a candle. Welcome to No. 35, everyone!

  1. Are you ready? Start off with two parallel, vertical lines.
  2. Join them at the bottom with a single curved line, and draw an oval with pointed ends at the top.
  3. Add a little black line for a wick.
  4. On either side of the candle, draw a small teardrop shape – these are bits of dripping wax.
  5. Dot two eyes in the centre of the candle.
  6. And a half-moon shaped mouth!
  7. In this mouth, draw a little curve for the tongue.
  8. Colour in the section above the curve using your pen/pencil.
  9. At the bottom of your candle, draw an oval shape.
  10. Add another oval inside the first one – remember to check the picture to make sure you’ve got it right!
  11. Draw an ear shape at the side of the two ovals for the handle of the plate.
  12. Lastly, draw another, larger ear shape around the outside of the first one.
  13. Colour in with:
    • Cream
    • Golden brown
    • Dark pink

Why not… light your candle? Simply add a flame on top of the wick.

Next post on Tuesday!

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