Peach doodle

Sorry, doodlers, no posts for a while! But I’m back now with No. 34, a cute peach doodle. My posts might be more spaced out now as I become busier and go back to school, but there will be doodles regularly. Just remember to keep up the practise!

  1. Draw a large heart-shape, with one of the sides curving slightly into the middle.
  2. On the top of this heart, draw a couple of little leaves, one behind the other.
  3. Add a line through the centre of each one.
  4. From this line, draw two to three V shapes to show veins.
  5. Add two big round eyes with a bean shape in between them.
  6. Draw a smallish curve inside the bean, and fill in the section above.
  7. Colour in using…
    • Salmon
    • Grass green
    • blood red
    • dark pink

Next post this weekend!

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