Orange doodle

Good morning, everyone! I’ve got a refreshing orange doodle for you today! Why not doodle while making yourself a cup of tea? This is doodle No. 33.

  1. Start with a simple circle – you can draw around a glue stick if you like.
  2. Inside the first circle, draw another one that is slightly smaller. Then, using a pencil, split the orange into eighths. Do this by halving it, halving it again, halving it another time, and then one last time to finish the step.
  3. Go over the lines in pen, leaving a gap between each one and the edge of the circle.
  4. Join up the lines with small curves.
  5. Add some sparkle! Draw a couple of little diamonds – like we did on the Sunglasses Doodle.
  6. For extra detail, sketch tiny lines in a few of the orange segments.
  7. Don’t forget to add colour! Use:
    • Bright orange
    • Tangerine
    • Lemon yellow

Why not… adjust the colours of your citrus doodle to turn it into a lemon or a lime?

I tried a lime, using deep green and grass green.

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