Lolly doodle

Remember the watermelon doodle? I published it two days ago, and it inspired me to do a lolly doodle using the same colours. This is doodle No. 30 of Doodle-A-Day!

  1. Draw an upside down U for the main part of the lolly.
  2. Join up the bottom with a straight, horizontal line.
  3. Below this line, draw a small U for the stick.
  4. Add three stripes to your lolly for decoration.
  5. We can’t forget the sprinkles! I used ten or so tiny lines in the top stripe to draw these.
  6. Draw a face with two round eyes and a curved mouth.
  7. This is a watermelon-themed lolly, so colour it in with dark pink, cream, light brown, grass green and forest green.

Why not… change the colours of your lolly? It doesn’t have to be watermelon themed. You could make it rainbow if you wanted! Try out different numbers of stripes too, to see what works best.

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