Cat doodle

Have you got a cat? I haven’t, but if you do, why not use doodle No. 29 to draw your cat by changing the colours and patterns? Have fun, doodlers…

  1. Draw a little frown shape at the top of your paper.
  2. Add a spiky ear on either side.
  3. From the left ear, all the way around in a spiral, draw a long line.
  4. Draw two round eyes at the top of the face.
  5. Draw three ovals: two large ones for the cheeks, and a little one for the nose.
  6. Give your cat a mouth by drawing in two curved lines.
  7. Grab a cream pen, a dark pink pen and a light pink pen.

Why not… customise your cat? Have a go at experimenting with colours, size and texture.

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