Watermelon doodle

Hello doodlers! This is doodle No. 28, a watermelon. Watermelons have lots of fun colours, so they’re a great doodle and will look very pretty on your page!

  1. Start with a two-sided triangle.
  2. Then add three curved lines at the base of this triangle, to make a thick line and a thin line.
  3. Draw a few raindrop-shaped seeds at the top of the watermelon slice.
  4. In the thick line, scribble a few wavy lines. These will be coloured light green and dark green.
  5. Time for a face! Draw two dotted eyes (you can add some eyelashes if you want) and a bumpy line below that.
  6. Draw a semi-circle just underneath this line to finish off the mouth.
  7. Get five pens ready: dark pink, grass green, cream, forest green and blood red.

Why not… draw your watermelon with a bite taken out of it? You could change the face to match!

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