Cacti doodle

A cactus may grow in an extremely dry and barren environment, but it makes a great doodle! Have a go at this plant-themed drawing – No. 27.

  1. Just like yesterday’s Books Doodle, we need to begin our Doodle-A-Day with a simple straight line.
  2. Draw another, smaller straight line under the larger one.
  3. Join these up with two diagonal lines, as shown in the picture.
  4. To add a bit of detail to this doodle, draw a thick line at the bottom of the plant pot.
  5. Now for the cactus: on top of the pot, draw a big circle with two smaller ovals growing off it. It doesn’t matter if the proportions don’t look quite right – plants, especially cacti, grow in all shapes and sizes!
  6. Obviously, you have to add some spikes, too. Draw as many little lines on the cactus as you thinks looks good – this doodle has lots of room for making it your own.
  7. I used forest green and hazel to colour this in, but maybe your cactus is light green with a bright red pot!

Why not… let your cactus bloom? Draw a beautiful flower somewhere on your doodle.

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