Books doodle

If you’re a bookworm, you are going to love this cute Books Doodle! No. 26 is a colourful stack of books with decorated spines. Whip out a pen and off you go!

  1. Start with a long, straight, horizontal line: easy peasy.
  2. Draw six vertical lines coming up from this horizontal one. The pattern should be: short, tall, tall, short, middle, short. Try to space out the lines as evenly as possible.
  3. Add in small curves at the top of every pair of lines to make them look like books. You should now have a short book, a tall book, a short book, a middle-sized book and another short book.
  4. You can now begin to add in some details. On the first book, draw two thick lines at the top and bottom. On the second, draw two lines again, this time thin, and not touching the edges. The third book has on it three thin lines at the top of the spine. Book number four is decorated with two at the top and one at the bottom. Lastly, the fifth book is the same as the third.
  5. Let’s draw some rectangles on a few of the books: on the second, add one between the two lines. On the third, draw a rectangle that goes off the bottom of the spine. Do the same on number five. As shown in the picture, the fourth book has a rectangle in the middle of the spine.
  6. Nearly there, doodlers! This is a tricky one, isn’t it? The first book – one of the short ones – needs a few vertical lines to look like a title, and the second one needs two dots at each end of the rectangle.
  7. Use light orange, light purple and pale pink to colour this in.

Why not… go even further? Well done if you have managed all that, but you needn’t stop there! Customise this pretty stack of books by swapping colours, length of the books and decoration on the spines. Use the basic technique for the shape of the books, and then explore what you can do!

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