Sunshine doodle

No. 25 is a Sunshine Doodle – let’s hope the sun is out while you’re reading this! Don’t forget to grab a pencil before you begin, though. You’ll need one for step number four.

  1. Like our last doodle, the ball of wool, you need to start off with a circle.
  2. Inside the circle, add a small curve – a smile.
  3. Above the smile, draw two eyes. Add three short lines on each cheek as well.
  4. Time to use that pencil! Sketch a light line all the way around the circle, about 1.5cm away.
  5. Draw two long spikes on opposite sides of the circle. Like in the picture, they should start on the pencil line, and then curve in and up, outside the line. If need a little more help, scroll up to the picture at step five.
  6. Finish the doodle by adding more curved spikes all the way round the sun, smaller this time, and not coming outside of the pencilled line.
  7. Get rid of all the pencil with a rubber, then colour this in with light orange and sunny yellow.

Send in your doodles when you’re done!

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