Knit doodle

Good morning! Welcome, everyone, to the Knit Doodle. I hope all the knitters reading this will be pleased. If you want to go the extra mile, take a pic of your knitting, and then doodle it by changing the colour of No. 24! Send in your drawings as well – and you’ll see them on the Reader’s Gallery.

  1. A circle is one of the most useful shapes – it’s simple and yet we start so many doodles off with it!
  2. Coming out of your circle, draw two long lines with two short lines on the ends. These will be the knitting needles.
  3. Next, draw five or six diagonal lines at the top left of the ball of wool.
  4. Below these lines, draw a few more, this time vertical.
  5. The last set of lines is horizontal – now the ball should be completely covered in lines like the picture above, giving the effect of wool.
  6. We can add a face to our drawing now! Put in two dotted eyes and a half moon mouth.
  7. This doodle only requires one colour – light purple.

Why not… make the ball of wool look like it’s unravelling by adding a little wavy line coming off the edge?

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