Toilet roll doodle

Ok. I know. It’s a weird thing to doodle. But still! No. 21 is a toilet roll! Don’t forget to try the challenge – and then send in your photos when you’re done!

  1. With a black pen, draw two vertical, parallel lines.
  2. Draw a curve at the bottom of the lines, to join them up, and a leaf shape at the top.
  3. Add an oval inside the leaf shape, and two wavy lines coming off the side of the toilet roll.
  4. At the end of these lines, draw a jagged line to show where someone has ripped off a piece of toilet paper.
  5. Now it’s time to add in the face! Use a semi-circle for the mouth to start with.
  6. Then draw two little round cheeks and two winking eyes.
  7. Remember to colour this doodle in with a light grey pen, a light brown and a dark pink.

Why not… change the expression of your toilet roll doodle? It doesn’t have to be happy. How about drawing a frown?

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