Banana doodle

A lot of my friends don’t like bananas. But what’s not to like? They’re squishy, they’re tasty – and best of all, they’re yellow! Have a go at drawing one in doodle No. 20.

  1. Start your doodle of the day with two wonky raindrop shapes for the peel of the banana.
  2. Add the inside of the banana by drawing a long line that curves round.
  3. Below the peel, draw two more curved lines.
  4. To join up these curves, use your pen to draw a thick, short line.
  5. Then add another line from the middle of the two raindrop shapes to the middle of the thick, short line.
  6. Finally, draw a tiny face just above the peel.
  7. Use sunny yellow for all the peel, and cream for the yummy part of the banana!

Why not… doodle an entire family of bananas? You could give them haircuts, handbags, flowers, bow ties, hats or even umbrellas!

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