Map doodle

Here’s a simple but pretty doodle – No. 17 – today you’re going to draw a map. It’s not of any place in particular, so you’ll need your imagination too!

  1. This map is folded in three, so the edges are going to be zig-zags. Draw two zig-zaggy lines, about 2cm apart. There should be three lines in each.
  2. Next, join up the sides with two straight lines.
  3. Then add a thin border round the inside of the map. It looks better the thinner it is, I think, so try to keep very close to the edge with your pen.
  4. It doesn’t look folded yet, does it? Draw two lines, starting at the top zig-zag and ending at the bottom one. It should look like the picture in step four now.
  5. In the middle section of the map, draw an upside down teardrop shape with a circle inside, to mark a location. Though you could try an X marks the spot instead!
  6. Finally, let’s add somewhere to explore. Islands can be any shape, so really it’s up to you. If I were you, I’d try to fill up the space, rather than draw a tiny island in one corner.
  7. Use a forest green pen, a sky blue pen and a blood red pen to colour this in.

Why not… add a compass in the corner? I did this by drawing a filled-in circle surrounded by little spikes.

Don’t forget to add this drawing to your page of travel doodles!

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