Compass doodle

Happy 15th doodle! No. 15 is a compass to help you find your way about. Enjoy, doodlers!

  1. Nice and simple to start off with, draw a nice big circle on your page.
  2. Next, draw an even bigger one around that!
  3. Kind of like drawing a clock, add a small circle in the middle of the compass and then ten or so dots round the outside.
  4. Then draw two spikes coming off the circle in the centre, on opposite sides.
  5. Use two small, curvy lines to make the handle of the compass.
  6. Last step – draw in a tiny square inside the handle – and you’re finished!
  7. Don’t forget to colour this in with dark grey, light grey, royal blue and blood red.

Don’t forget to add this drawing to your page of travel doodles!

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