Suncream doodle

Get out your swimming costume! We’re going to the beach! But we don’t want to get burnt, do we? Better bring some suncream… This is doodle No. 14.

  1. The main body of a suncream bottle is like the shape of your fingertip. Draw a straight horizontal line to start off with, and then a much larger curvy one coming off it.
  2. Next, let’s draw the lid: a square shape at the top of the bottle.
  3. Add in another horizontal line, this time inside the lid.
  4. Above that, draw about three or four little lines- these are to make the lid look more like a lid!
  5. This suncream bottle has a sun on, so draw a big swirl for its centre.
  6. Finish off the doodle with some sunbeams. These are just small lines – ten or eleven should be enough.
  7. Let’s make this bottle yellow to match the sun! So, get out a sunny-yellow pen and a dark grey.

Why not… have a go at drawing a suncream bottle with the lid off? Look below for inspiration!

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