Stamp doodle

Did you try yesterday’s notebook doodle? It was the very first in our travel project. Today is the second, No. 13, and I have a very cool stamp doodle for you!

You’ll need a pencil too for our stamp doodle!

  1. Draw a pencilled rectangle with a smaller black pen rectangle inside.
  2. Using your pencil, sketch three dips of equal size on each side of the stamp. They shouldn’t touch each other or the edge of the smaller rectangle.
  3. Once you have done this, neaten up the outline by going over it in pen. Your stamp should now have a bumpy edge. If it doesn’t, look at the picture above to check you’ve got it right.
  4. Next, we can fill in the stamp with some decoration. I like to do an outdoor scene, but it doesn’t matter really. Draw a curvy line that goes from left to right. This is the main structure of the mountain.
  5. Add a sun in the left-hand corner, making sure only some of it is poking out.
  6. The last step is to draw in details: the mountain needs a wiggly line to make it snow-capped and the sun some short lines for sun rays. We also have to add a symbol in the top right-hand corner – I use the euro symbol but you can change it if you like, to a £ or a $.
  7. The outside of the stamp doesn’t need to be coloured in, but for the scene inside I used pale green, sunny yellow and sky blue.

Why not… draw a different scene to decorate the stamp? It doesn’t have to be a mountain. You could even have a go at drawing your bedroom!

Don’t forget to add this doodle to your page of travel drawings!

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