Holiday journal doodle

Hello and welcome to doodle No. 12! If you read my post yesterday you’ll know this is the first travel doodle.

You will need a pencil and rubber ready as well today. Enjoy!

  1. Use your pencil to sketch a rectangle for the main body of the notebook.
  2. Switch to a pen and draw a three-sided square on the right edge. The side that is left blank is the one inside of the notebook. Remember to go over the outline in pen!
  3. Draw a triangular shape to join up the square: this is the strap that will hold the notebook closed.
  4. Next, it’s time to add in some details. Let’s give the strap a little decoration by drawing a small circle at it’s edge, as shown in the picture above. Then carefully draw a column of tiny circles (about seven will do) along the edge of your journal.
  5. In capitals, print ‘my holiday’ across the top of the holiday journal.
  6. Last step, and then you’ve finished the doodle for today! Just draw a series of small curves to bind the journal: they should start in the centre of the circles you drew and end at the left side of the book.
  7. Don’t forget to give it a splash of colour, though! Use light brown and turquoise.

Why not… customise the cover of your journal? It doesn’t have to say ‘my holiday’. You could change it to ‘on holiday in Spain’, or maybe another country. Does your notebook have a picture on the front? A sun, or a suitcase?

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