Are you working from home – or doing your school work? Try drawing your laptop with doodle No. 11: compute-a-doodle!

  1. The back of the computer is the shape of a rounded rectangle in this doodle.
  2. From the top right corner of the rectangle, draw a very slightly curved line, ending just above the bottom right corner.
  3. Starting from the bottom right, draw the keyboard of the computer. This is just a line that winds round the the edge on the right, joining up the line from the previous step along the way.
  4. Add depth with another curved line!
  5. Now for the keys: draw a small grid on the keyboard – it doesn’t really matter how many you do.
  6. Last, draw in a face. You can use any expression you want to, but I like my doodles to be happy!
  7. I used dark blue, dark pink and light grey to colour this in.

Why not.. a cute mouse to the side of the laptop? Look at the picture below to check what I mean.

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