Mushroom doodle

Hi again – this is doodle No. 11, another plant for you to draw. Well done if you have completed all of the doodles so far!

  1. Like a little smile, draw a short, curved line.
  2. Add a dome shape to this line to make the main part of the mushroom.
  3. Right now our mushroom is just floating, so draw a short bump at the base.
  4. Then, draw a line jutting out from the mushroom, and a long, slightly curved line above that.
  5. From the very tip of the curved line, sketch a row of jagged spikes, all the way the the top of the mushroom. Look at the picture above to make sure you have got this right.
  6. Your mushroom isn’t quite finished yet, so add a few polka dots on the head.
  7. This doodle needs light brown, blood red and forest green.

Why not… add a few more details to your drawing? You could use a black pen to add shadows, or maybe a couple of lines on the tuft of grass for extra depth.

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