Mouse doodle

Hello doodlers, and welcome to doodle No. 9! Today we’re going to draw a cute mouse (a tasty snack for yesterday’s owl!).

  1. This is another doodle made up of lots of U shapes! Begin with two quite large U’s, not touching. These will be the ears of your mouse.
  2. Next, join up the ears at the bottom with an even bigger U, slightly rounder than the others, and at the top with a small line.
  3. Draw two circles inside the ears.
  4. Then add whiskers: three on either cheek. The whiskers are just short, straight lines.
  5. Our mouse can’t see yet, so draw in two eyes.
  6. To finish off, use a semi-circle for the nose and another for the mouth.
  7. You only need one colour for this doodle! Get out a pale pink pen.

Why not… have a mouse dress-up party?! Deck your mouse with scarfs and hats and fancy glasses, then add plenty of bright colours!

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