Flora doodle

For No. 5, I have decided to do a flower. This one is pretty easy, but you’ll need a pencil and a rubber handy too.

  1. Start off your doodle with a lollipop shape: a circle with a long, straight line coming off the bottom.
  2. Add a couple of leaves near the bottom of the flower’s stalk. The leaf shape is an oval with pointy ends, and a line through the middle of it.
  3. Draw a small semi-circle at the bottom of the circle for a mouth.
  4. Then mark in your flower’s eyes as two dots.
  5. Ok, this is where you’ll need your pencil; around the top circle of the flower, sketch seven or eight little lines or dots so you know where to put the petals.
  6. Finally, where you have marked the dots or lines, draw lots of tooth-shaped petals, before rubbing out the pencil markings.
  7. The colours I have used in the picture are: pale pink, light orange, forest green and grass green.

Why not… change the colour of your petals? You could choose your favourite colour, or maybe draw the flower on a little card and colour it with a friend’s favourite colour. You could even make a rainbow flower, with multicoloured petals!

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