Snail doodle

This animal-themed doodle is cute whether you like slimy snails or not! Have a go at this doodle, No. 5

  1. This is the easiest step: simply a circle with a big swirl inside.
  2. Next draw a line that curves round, leading from the back of the shell.
  3. The head is another curve, but bends up slightly.
  4. Mark in two eyes at the top of the head.
  5. Add a filled-in semi-circle mouth and circles for the snail’s cheeks.
  6. Lastly, draw antennae with little bobbles on the end.
  7. To colour this one in, use dark brown, light brown, pale pink and sky blue.

Why not try… adding a hat on the shell? Or making the shell into a house with windows and doors?

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