Weather doodle

Doodle No. 4 is a raincloud and a rainbow. Look below for instructions. Have fun!

  1. Draw four bumps of different sizes for the top of the cloud.
  2. Add a slightly curved line at the bottom.
  3. For the rainbow, all you need to do is draw three curves at the side of your cloud.
  4. Draw a big smile and little dots for eyes.
  5. Now it’s time to add the rosy cheeks!
  6. Finally, show little droplets of rain pouring from the base of your cloud.
  7. The colours used here are: orange, yellow, sky blue and pale blue.

Why not try… changing the expression of your cloud? You could even change the colours to match: how about an angry black cloud? Or a small, sad grey one? Maybe you could do a whole series of emoti-clouds in a row!

Kawaii Vector Cartoon Emoticon Character | Emoji drawings, Easy doodles  drawings, Cute kawaii drawings
Try some of these emotions!

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