Our next doodle, No. 2, is a notepage. Two in one day – lucky us!

  1. Start off with three sides of a square.
  2. Like in the picture above, draw a jagged edge at the top, using small horizontal lines and U-shapes.
  3. With a light blue pen, draw three straight lines in the centre of the notepage. Leave a gap at the end of the last one.
  4. To do eyes, first add a little sideways triangle shape for the winking eye. Then draw a big circle with a much smaller circle inside it, and carefully fill in the space with a black pen.
  5. The mouth is just a small U.
  6. Finally add the details: two rosy cheeks and a heart at the end of the bottom line.
  7. The colours in this doodle are: black, pink, red and light blue.

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