A commotion in the classroom

If you walked into my typical maths lesson, I can assure you that you would walk straight back out again.

This is not because of the immense amount of maths worksheets scattered all over the ground. This is not because of the grudge the teacher has against you because you handed in your homework late last term. No, this is not even because of the terrifying maths problem on the board that makes your head hurt. It is because of the noise.

One thing that would make maths lessons more bearable would be a pillow. Just an ordinary pillow.

Colorful Pillows On A White Wall Paneling Background Stock Photo ...

To put over my ears and scream into.

I don’t think you understand quite how noisy it is. You literally cannot hear yourself think, let alone do LONG DIVISION.

  • People crawling under tables
  • People slamming doors
  • Blu tack on the ceiling
  • Pencils on the floor
  • Chairs are toppling over
  • Why do you have to scream?!
  • Children cackling like witches
  • I wish this was a dream
  • The teacher shushing nervously
  • That’ll never work
  • Someone’s on a table
  • I think they’ve gone berserk
  • Look he’s on the table!!
  • Sir please can we too?
  • Oh that’s so unfair
  • Where’s that pillow got to?!
  • Pi and paper aeroplanes
  • Whizzing round the class
  • For a moment it is quiet-
  • -I knew it wouldn’t last
  • There’s a video on the big screen
  • But I can’t hear a word
  • It isn’t simply loud now
  • The noise is quite absurd
  • Help me help me help me
  • When will I be free?!
  • I don’t know what the answer is
  • It might be minus three
  • Tick tick tick it’s nearly over
  • Just five minutes more
  • I’ve packed my stuff already
  • YES!!! I’m out the door!

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