Just Add Water

This is a story from my time in primary school. It is either a horror story, or a comedy, depending on how you look at it. In year six, we did a play of Mary Poppins, and in year five we did The Tempest. In school plays, I always seem to end up playing a grumpy old man. Seriously. First Prospero, then Mr Banks, etc. (I did like being Prospero though – I got to throw a big red book across the stage and make the year sixes in the front row jump.)

The plays aren’t the point though. Me and my friends🦉, 🦇 and 🦒 were getting some cardboard to make props, and we were going downstairs to the school office. Outside the office was a big pile of cardboard boxes. Ordinary cardboard boxes. At least, that’s what I thought.

Before we carry on, I need to explain something. For dessert at my primary school, there were four options: 1. Fruit salad (basically some melon and a piece of orange in a bowl) 2. Cake (with custard that went cold and grew a skin if you left it too long) 3. Yogurt (the yogurt is a story for another time) or 4. Chocolate mousse

Have you worked out what happens yet? Hint: look at the title.

Ok, back to our story. The cardboard was no ordinary cardboard. No. This was


Yep. Horror cardboard.

“Uuuum… look at this cardboard box…” says 🦇.

🦉glances at it and her eyes go wide.

“What is it?” 🦒drops the cardboard box she’s holding and goes over to look. “Oh. My. Gosh. That’s disgusting!”

I go over too. I mean, it can’t be that bad, can it? It’s only a cardboard –

“Oh.” I say. It can be that bad after all. Here is what we read on the front of the cardboard box:

Chocolate Mousse!

💦Just Add Water!💦

I could tell what all my friends were wondering.

What is it before they add water?!

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