The BookWorm Part 2

This post is a continuation from my last post, The BookWorm Part 1.

One summer day, πŸ‡ sat in the garden reading. After a while (and a lot of brushing bugs off her legs), she finished the book and sighed. πŸ‡ always got a twinge of sadness when she finished a book and had to leave the characters behind.

When πŸ‡ finished a book, usually she would go straight up to her towering pile to find a new one to gobble up as fast as she could. But when she got to her room, when she opened the door (and scratched the itchy spot on her nose because there was another bug there), when she walked across the carpet to her pile – there was no pile.

She had read all the books on her list.

πŸ‡ looked round her room. She ran to the shelf . She ran to the other shelf and scanned it desperately. She must’ve made a mistake. She must have more books to read. But wherever πŸ‡looked, she was surrounded by books she had already read! Aaaaaaaaaahhhh!

πŸ‡ felt like screaming – this was her worse nightmare – but she gritted her teeth (and then winced because she had a wobbly tooth). She clenched her fists instead, and thought very, very carefully. She had to do something. It was physically impossible for πŸ‡ to survive without books for more than a day or two. So she made a list of all the places you can get books.

1. Library (Nope – it was Sunday and the library was closed)

2. Bookshops (Unfortunately she had already spent all of her pocket money on books)

3. Friends (Hmmm…That might work)

That meant borrowing from friends was the only option. πŸ‡ made a plan.

Three days later…

Three days later, there was another pile in πŸ‡’s bedroom. The pile was enormous. Seriously. Enormous. It reached right up to her chin.


No. Sorry. that’s not the end. There’s still the bit about how her books go missing. But I should probably tell that another time. I mean, this post is pretty long already.


Ok. That’s better.


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