The Runaway Green Man

On my way to school I have to cross big main road, but obviously I can’t just cross it, because there are loads of cars whizzing up and down it. So I have to use the traffic lights at the top. This shouldn’t be a problem. I mean, it should only take one minute more to get to school than if I could walk straight across the road (but I can’t, because that would be like walking into a river full of hungry crocodiles. Or piranhas).

However, there is a problem. The traffic lights are either broken, or just really weird traffic lights. Because I get to the traffic lights, in plenty of time to meet🦉. I’m only a street away from our meeting place. So I wait patiently, watching a big yellow van drive past. I keep waiting, as more cars drive past. And I keep on waiting, as cyclists zoom past on bicycles.

Hmmm. This is getting suspicious. I glance up at the traffic lights above me. Green still?!?! I’ve been waiting for three minutes already! The light saying ‘wait’ is on, but all the same I push the button again. And again.

The time keeps ticking by, and if I still want to be on time I’m going to have to walk pretty fast.

I look across the road at the other people waiting to cross. Some look angry, and I see a man in a green t-shirt muttering to a woman carrying a spotty umbrella. Will they cross? Will they brave the danger of the cars?

One lady steps out into the road and begins to scurry across, but is forced back by the honking of car horns.

Eventually the traffic slows as the amber light flicks on, and I edge closer to the curb, getting ready to cross at last. The red man is still on, glowing scarlet at me. I scowl. The green man is just a faint emerald outline against the black box.

Won’t he get a move on?!?!

Click! The green man lights up reluctantly.

I laugh with relief, and dash across the road.

I have to practically sprint to meet🦉, and even then I’m five minutes late!

“Where’ve you been?” She asks as I come puffing into sight.

“The-” I stop to catch my breath. “The traffic lights are broken or something. I had to wait ages and ages! Anyway, let’s get going, or we’ll be late.”

The next day, I took a different route.

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