Have you ever panicked? Like, REALLY panicked?

If the answer is yes, then you will find it easy to understand what I am talking about in this post.

If the answer is no, then I’m sorry.

If the answer is what-was-the-question-I-wasn’t-listening, then LISTEN!!

One Wednesday morning, I was getting ready to go to school. I was pretty sure I had everything I needed in my bag, but let me explain something: not one day since I started secondary school have I been certain that I have remembered everything. Not one single day. So I double checked. And I may have also triple and quadruple checked. On my quintuple round of checking, I noticed something was up.

Violin? Check.

Water bottle? Check.

Reading book? Check.

Pencilcase? Check.

Computing book? Check.

DT book?

I said, DT book?



This was a problem. I rushed into the kitchen. No DT book. I ran to my bedroom. No DT book. I scampered up the stairs to the bathroom. Yep, obviously no DT book there. (Even so, I checked between stacks of towels – just in case.) I thundered into the guest bedroom. No DT book. I hurried all the way back down to the living room. No DT book. I even checked in my parents’ bedroom. And the study. But still no sign of my DT book.

After a while I had my mum rushing around too, in the desperate search for the runaway school book.

Eventually I had to leave for school. It was far worse to be late to school than to lose a book. As soon as I saw🦉, I rushed up to her.

“🦉! 🦉! Do you have your DT book? I can’t find mine anywhere!”

🦉 furrowed her brow.

“We left them at school, didn’t we?” She said, but looked worried all the same.

As soon as we got to DT I rushed around like a frantic puppy, asking everyone I could find in our class the same question:

“Have you got your DT book? Have you? Tell me!”

My classmates probably thought I had gone mad, but answered all the same.

And guess what? No, seriously. I’ll give you three guesses what happened. Have you guessed? Ok. I can tell you now: not one person had their DT book. We had left them at school after all.

And that is the moral of my story: Don’t panic.

Ooooh! Yay! I’ve never had a moral before.

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