The Forgetting Spell

Friday is both a good day and a bad day for me. I mean, it’s the end of the school week, so obviously that’s good. However, Friday has a secret evil side too. Friday is PE day.

PE: it’s either your favourite subject or the worst part of your week. For me, it’s the latter. PE means playing dodgeball, which is literally just chucking balls at your classmates. PE means rugby, which is TORTURE. (Seriously, I wrote a whole blog post about rugby.) Never, never, never, never play rugby. Please. I’m begging you. You will regret it. You will wish that you were multiplying fractions in maths. You will wish you were being bored to death writing out an english assessment. You will wish you were doing ANYTHING but playing rugby.

So, you can see how much I don’t like PE. But the actual PE bit is not the only nightmare on Fridays… every Friday, someone loses their PE kit. Yep, every Friday. Without fail, someone in my class will forget their PE bag somewhere, whether it’s in the lunch hall or at the back of class in History. It’s like a curse, or a spell. The forgetting spell.

Often I end up rushing around the school to help look for someone’s lost PE kit on Fridays. Once my friend (not🦉, let’s just call her 😺) lost hers at break under a bench. And 😺 wasn’t the only one to leave her PE kit there. That bench (it was green, by the way) is a very common place to find lost bags. It is the meeting place of runaway PE bags, where they probably hold secret conferences with the PE teachers about how to make our Friday mornings even more miserable.

So watch out, everybody. Your PE bag is not just a PE bag. Your PE bag is really the reason why you come home covered in mud and scratches once a week. Your PE bag is really an evil genius, just waiting til Friday to make you it’s victim. So beware…

Ok, yes, I may have gotten a little carried away at the end there.

But just a little.

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